Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hallo 2013!

Arghh, time flies.
Without notice, and 2013 is already here.
Arrived for quite some time before I could even notice.

How was 2012 treating me?
Pretty challenging I must say.
So many things and most of all,
perception change.

It was a year of great education and experience.
and now, 2013, what have you got for me?

I can't wait to see what's lying.
Please be good to me!! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hallo stressful work

Work, work, work,
as usual, it has been stressful.

I think it's like a taboo,
as whereever I work,
I will get accumulated workloads and responsibility.

But do I really care?
I suppose, I just want it to be justified...
with the money I seek.

So, let's sit back and see...
But I am up for the challenge.

Bring it on you work!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eat Pray Love

I suddenly feel that I am like the character in the movie, I wanted to flee, to go away, and most of all to do nothing at all. Visiting new places, eat their food, understand their culture, explore. I feel I am in need of an adventure.

But I am such an impulsive person, I may do it, when the time is right. I suppose... :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


I think I have written many blogs about being grateful. Often triggered by events, some unexpected occurance etc etc. But I everytime I write blogs about being grateful, I am very sure that it is always supported by different mixture of feeling, sentiment and gratitude.

It's a hard to have lazing Saturday morning, I received a sms from colleague a while ago, informing me that the English teacher of our office center has passed away due to heart attack. It shaken me a while...well, I dont know him very well and at times, not really bothered to greet him good morning when he walked into the office. But still, this is shocking...he still walked into the office 3 days ago, I greeted him good morning with a smile and, how unexpected.

I remember sitting with him having a break during the fair early this month. He and Uncle Jerry and myself were talking about some crap, about necrophilia. It was crap talk, but we had a good laugh. My soft heart made me weep for this sudden occurance, it's wierd to weep for someone I hardly know? But I guess the tears are for...not understanding how fragile life could be? I feel very sorry for his family and his 10 years old boy...

Such occurance, make me ponder again. Often thinking that being alive, is an act of nature. Come to think about it again, it's probably not. Probably every breath we inhale worth to be thankful. It reminds me of my days in church, always thankful to God for everything I have in life, for the air, for the food....and I feel today, I had that feeling back. The lyrics of a hymn keeps playing on my head, "Give thanks, with a graceful heart, give thanks to the holy one..."

Seeing people's lost of love ones remind me of being grateful of what I have. Family, friends, a reasonable job, some money and a "him" in my life. All the greatful experience, and yes, for all this I am really grateful.

Friday, April 29, 2011

This, I am really grateful

Many things have taken place ever since 15th January 2011 when I last blogged. I took time to read through my previous blogs, they gave memories of how I walked from 2008 till present. Good time, bad time, sad time, happy time....great memories.

These blogs, they remind me many of those moments that I have been through during my years in KL...those were words of thoughts that have walked me through some tough time when I was alone. It was one of my only channel of expressing myself when I broke down.

To you, they may be just lines of words, but for me, they are like a flash back, I have got motion of what happened playing on my head, some scenes hurt a little and I weeped a little, but thats ok....

It's coming to my 6th year residing at KL, I feel more than ever grateful that I guess, I have gotten myself a house. There was some hiccups and there is still some hitches, but I guess nothing that cannot be solved. So that's ok....

But what is more profound that has happened this year is; I have finally found "you" who still overwhelms and excites me, and I know you always will. Someone I could look into the eyes deep; and ponder a lot of things...those good, loving things. Your presense, make me feel ever so contented, so true, so intense and so loved. And I don't know just how fortunate and lucky I feel to have you...

I would love to remember this feeling when I look back at this blog in future. How appreciative I was to have found "you".

I know...I will always remember this feeling.

Maybe the roads ahead wont be smooth, there could be hitches, glitches, pain, sorrow....but, hey, that's ok...cos I have you, and they dont really matter. Just the thought of you, makes me happy enough.

For you, I know it's worth it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


8850, what I paid for deposit this morning for A-1-7! I couldn't believe it is happening! It just happened! So fast, so soon, without must expectation, without much hesitation.

and I am so excited...and yet worried on what to do next. there are tons of things! but I am sure I will be doing fine.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ohh ahh Yes!

aha! It's time to shop, shop and shop!
I am in such shopping spree mood!
How's not like I really have lots of money lolz.
But this is the mood, I am liking's me again!

They said I am so much perkier now.
But I am just being myself, and I feel this is the real me.
After letting go of events, I feel much lighter and relaxed and
I am really enjoying it!

I am looking forward to shop, holidays and many more goodies in 2011.
I feel like I have so much energy to disperse!
woohoo! :D